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    Please share your thoughts on this name!

    My husband is really keen on the name Arly for a girl.

    I do really like the sound of it but still not 100% sure.. Not worried about it being a bit nicknamey but wonder if it sounds too trendy/made up and not sure how well it works with our other daughter, named Bay.

    I'd love some honest feedback on this name and how you think it works as a sibset with Bay.

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    I love nicknamey names, so I do like it. I think it looks and sounds nice with Bay. However, I prefer the spelling Arlie. You may also like the spelling Arleigh (looks too trendy for my liking, but we all have different taste so I thought I'd throw it out there). I think it's cute that your husband likes it.

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    I really like Arly too. But I agree with 'alzora' I like the spelling Arlie better. I think the short name also works well with Bay.

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    I don't like it at all. Sorry. It reminds me of the word gnarly. Also, it will get mistaken a lot for Harley, Marley, Early or Charlie. It sounds made up and nicknamey at the same time, which I don't care for. It also sounds kind of masculine to me, not 100% sure why.

    Bay is a great nature name. Short, simple but still very bold. Arly seems insubstantial in comparison.
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    I like it and it sounds really good with Bay.
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