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    I don't think it's any different than naming your child after any other fictional character. There are several names on my list that were inspired by/are after fictional characters, so I don't have an issue with it.
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    Robin Williams' daughter is Zelda after the computer game character

    I think as long as it's also a real name then there's no problem. Something like Quistis from Final Fantasy might be a bit much though!

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    While I don't think it is ideal to name your child after something like a video game character, I don't think it is horrible either. I know parents who chose a name they liked after a Playboy model and another couple who chose a name of a tv host from a fitness program. It is definitely easier if it is a common name. If it is something unusual or unique then it might come across as cheesy. Personally, I would rather see parents choose a name that is meaningful to them, whether it comes from a video game, a book or a movie, than a name just because it is trendy or sounds good.

    I have several names on my list that are inspired by all kinds of different people or sources. For example:

    Xavier (Professor Charles Xavier - X-Men)
    Atticus (TKAM)
    Darwin (Charles Darwin)
    Arthur (King Arthur)
    Arya (A Song of Ice and Fire)
    Matilda (the name of a tank)
    Cordelia (King Lear and Buffy)

    I wouldn't choose a name that has really negative associations.
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    If you feel it is acceptable to name a child after a literary character than a video character should be no different.
    Video games are becoming an increasing influenced by and on American culture therefore choosing a name from a video game seems on different than choosing a name off the top 100 list. (Except of course that it could be much more interesting).
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    I think that as long as it's an established name, it isn't bad - but like someone else mentioned, if it's a name that is exclusive to that particular game, then it will likely just come off as tacky and childish. It REALLY depends upon the name.

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