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    What is it that makes people hate Arthur?

    Just curious, as we're having a girl. My favourite boy's name, and name I want to use if we have a boy in the future, is Arthur. But I get such negative reactions from people when I mention it, and I honestly don't know why. Is it just because the common nicknames are so teasable?

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    I absolutely love Arthur. Those Artie/Art nicknames are so adorable! (Is it really bad that I can't think why he would be teased...sorry!)

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    I love Arthur, too. I'm seriously considering it for a middle name if we have a boy.

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    I love Arthur and nn Art!!

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    Don't look at me; I love Arthur. (Not fond of nicknames for it, all.) I think people just tend to associate it with several generations ago. Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers might be having a resurgence in their names now; but our grandfathers and great-grandfathers might have to wait a while. A lot of people put Arthur in that category.

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