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    I am also a huge fan of Arthur! I say, go for it.

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    First up there is a huge amount of love for Arthur on nameberry. For my part I don't like it at all it still has the fusty old man image and of course it reminds me of Mr Arthritis, so I can understand the negative feedback but if you love vintage names then this one is a winner.


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    That makes sense, I suppose I assumed since lots of old-lady names like Ethel and Mabel and whatnot seem to be coming back into usability that old-man names were too. Although I don't actually know any Arthurs at all myself, which I guess helps me not actually feel it as an old-man name.

    Yeah, I totally get not liking Art or Artie, I'm iffy on them myself. I wonder if I could get away with using something random with an Ar sound, like Arlo or Arby, for a baby Arthur

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    I adore Arthur, but I'm really not keen on Artie. Art I can just about handle, having known one (just Art, not Arthur) it makes it seem more wearable to me. Artie just doesn't appeal to me at all. I like Arth and Arthy better, and they feel more instinctive to me.

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    It seems to me that naming trends for girls cycle more rapidly than naming trends for boys. Give it 20 years and Arthur will be all the rage. I think people are juuuust now starting to dust it off.

    (I'm pretty certain that Arthur does MUCH better in the UK than other countries, too.)

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