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    I like Elmina, but I think my family would see it as made up/nicknamey. Unfortunately Wilhelmina is out as I have a nephew called William

    haleyangie, I love Jane, but it would sound comical with the intended mn. I would love love love to use Jane as a mn (I love both Minerva Jane and Ella Jane) but I've kind of got to use the family mn lest I break a five-generation streak :P

    I really appreciate everyone's input!

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    I love the name Ella, despite its popularity. Popularity has never bothered me.

    I know you don't like Isabella and Gabriella, but would you consider Elena with the nickname Ella? Elena isn't super trendy and popular and it lends itself so well to the nickname Ella.
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    Elena is nice. Hubby had Ilana on his list, and even though I know they're pronounced differently, they look so similar that maybe he'll like it. Although he keeps talking about Madeline now, so who knows, lol.

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    I adore Minerva. It's on my list, too. I've really been loving Philomena lately and I think Minnie would be a great nickname.
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    Millie comes to mind. Not a fan of Minerva at all...but I do like Minnie a lot, and that could be the whole name...doesn't have to be a nickname. I find Ella to be too popular now. You could do a crazy hybrid like Minnelli (a la Liza)!

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