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    She's due any day and we still haven't decided :(

    Okay, so we have two frontrunners which are very very different, and we can't decide between them, which sort of makes us feel like maybe neither of them is the right one. So we're open to suggestions as well.

    I like
    - names that were in use in the late 1800's, early 1900's. anything that's sprung up from nowhere in the last 50 years or so is probably a no.
    - historical, mythological, magical, literary, animal and nature associations.

    Current favourites are:


    pros: sort of honours family, as we've got an Eleanor, an Elaine, and an Elizabeth we'd love to recognise, and I really like the name. My young niece also keeps telling me that her new cousin's name is to be Ella, and who wants to argue with a three year old?
    cons: ridiculously, stupidly popular where I am, feels a bit nicknamey, and I don't like the longer names that tend to derive Ella as a nickname, like Isabella and Gabriella.


    pros: I like this name and its associations, love Minnie as a nickname, and MIL is pushing for Minnie to honour her family.
    cons: Very unusual name that is a bit 'out there' and has sounds in it that bug a lot of people. Most people seem to hate it, honestly. One friend suggested Athena as an alternative, but I'm hopelessly in love with Arthur for a potential future brother.

    In a perfect world a name would exist where both Minnie and Ella would be nickname options, but I'm pretty sure this isn't that world. Minella isn't a name, I already checked

    ugh, why is this so hard. I used to love thinking about what names I'd give my kids, and now that I'm actually having one, it's suddenly not so fun :P

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    Not a fan of Minerva at all. I'd pick Ella although it is super trendy.

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    Hmm...this is a tough one. I'd say choose Minerva simply because the popularity of Ella is too much. But you've got to really love Minerva because it's an "out there" name.
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    Don't worry about popularity- truly! I have an Ava (gasp!) and I've only met three other Avas in the past five years, if you love a name then that is what matters not the popularity. There is a lot of negativity on NB about popular names but they are often popular for a reason- beautiful sound,classic feel etc. I love Ella, think its beautiful, simple and elegant. However if you're after suggestions how about

    My three cherubs- Harry Edward, Ava Bonnie and May Rose

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    The first word that sprung to mind when you said that in an ideal world there would be something with both Ella and Minnie was "Gelsolmino" which is the Italian word for the jasmin flower/plant. Now I'm not suggesting this as a name BUT what about the beautiful, old, sophisticated, and pretty magical ...

    Jessamine ?

    It's from the old French for Jasmine, and it very underused and gorgeous, I think.
    The "l" sound is replaced with an "s", sure, but the pleasing "EH-AH" is still there at the front (like Ella), finishing with the feminine "Mine" which gives you the nn Minnie

    I love it, personally!

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