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Thread: Baby Name Quiz!

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    Baby Name Quiz!

    Daughter #1 First Name:

    What is your favorite sport?

    Soccer: Lauren.
    Football: Melissa.
    Cheer-leading: Kathryn.
    Golf: Morgan.
    Tennis: Andrea.
    Volleyball: Alexandria.
    Cross Country/Track: Hannah.
    Baseball/Softball: Mary.
    Basketball: Christa.
    Other: Marrissa.

    Daughter #1 Middle Name:

    What is your favorite subject?

    Science: Sara.
    Foreign Language: Leslie.
    History: Joan.
    English: Elizabeth.
    Mathematics: Sandra.
    Electives: Allison.

    Son #1 First Name:

    What month is your birthday in?

    January: Nicholas.
    February: Sean.
    March: Seth.
    April: Brandon.
    May: Nathan.
    June: Zachary.
    July: Kevin.
    August: Joshua.
    September: Matthew.
    October: Mason.
    November: Christopher.
    December: Daniel.

    Son #1 Middle Name:

    What does your first name begin with?

    A. Anthony.
    B. Benjamin.
    C. Colin.
    D. Darren.
    E. Evan.
    F. Frank.
    G. Glenn.
    H. Harry.
    I. Ishmael.
    J. Jeremy.
    K. Kyle.
    L. Leonardo.
    M. Max.
    N. Neill.
    O. Olivier.
    P. Philip.
    Q. Quinton.
    R. Raymond.
    S. Stephen.
    T. Timothy.
    U. Ulric.
    V. Victor.
    W. William.
    X. Xavier.
    Y. Yolande.
    Z. Zion.

    Daughter #2 First Name:

    What's your favorite color?

    Red: Michelle.
    Orange: Kelsey.
    Yellow: Rebecca.
    Green: Laura.
    Blue: Azure.
    Purple: Ashley.
    Black: Melanie.
    White: Bianca.
    Pink: Jordan.
    Brown: Roana.
    Other: Elaine.

    Daughter #2 Middle Name:

    What's your favorite flower?

    Rose: Belle.
    Lily: Calla.
    Tulip: Marguerite.
    Carnation: Jessica.
    Daisy: Marley.
    Orchid: Hazel.
    Sunflower: Antoinette.
    Other: Florette.

    Son #2 First Name:

    What's your favorite type of movie?

    Romantic: Ryan.
    Comedy: Adam.
    Horror: Jason.
    Family: Robin.
    Animated: Matthew.
    Science Fiction: George.
    Western: John.
    Mystery: Robert.
    War/Crime: Alphonse.
    Musical: Hugh.

    Son #2 Middle Name:

    What's your favorite food genre?

    Italian: Giuseppe.
    Hispanic: Santiago.
    Asian: An.
    American: Jacob.
    French: Lucas.
    African: Paulo.
    Other: Liam.

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