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Thread: Name after. . .

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    Name after. . .

    Here's a name game where ill give you the letters of the alphabet and beside them will be what you have to name them with the given letter. Understand?
    A-6 letters

    B- a place

    A- 7 letters
    B- a place
    C- a colour
    D- a flower
    E- trendy
    F- hispanic name
    G- Biblical
    H- after a mountain
    I- a country
    J- a month
    K- name after an angel
    L- name after a car
    M- an actors first name
    N- song related name
    O- 5 letters
    P- musicians name
    Q- older fashioned name
    R- Nature
    S- Summer theme
    T- city name
    U- greek name
    V- after a place
    W- after food or drink
    X- very unique name
    Y- Chinese name
    Z- 1 syllabol

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    Re: Name after. . .

    Female, Male

    A- Annabel, Aleksei (7 letters)
    B- Brooklyn, Bronx (a place)
    C- Scarlet, Gray (a colour)
    D- Zinnia, Columbine (a flower)
    E- Emma, Ethan (trendy)
    F- Fabiana, Ferdinand (hispanic name)
    G- Gethsemane, Gabriel (Biblical)
    H- Helena, Halifax (after a mountain)
    I- India, Israel (a country)
    J- June, January (a month)
    K- Kalaziel, Kemuel (name after an angel)
    L- Liberty, Lancer (name after a car)
    M- Michaela, Matthew (an actors first name)
    N- Nona, Neal (song related name)
    O- Olive, Orson (5 letters)
    P- Pat, Paul (musicians name)
    Q- Queenie, Quentin (older fashioned name)
    R- Rosemary, River (nature)
    S- Summer, Sunny (Summer theme)
    T- Tara, Theodore (city name -- seriously, both cities in Australia)
    U- Urania, Uranus (greek name)
    V- Virginia, Vernon (after a place)
    W- Wasabi, Waldorf (after food or drink)
    X- Xanthe, Xavier (very unique name)
    Y- Yao, Ying (Chinese name)
    Z- Zoe, Zeke (1 syllable)
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    Re: Name after. . .

    A – Anthony
    B – Bliss
    C – Cerise
    D – Dahlia
    E – Eden
    F – Florencia
    G – Gideon
    H – Helena
    I – India
    J – June
    K – Kemuel
    L – Lexus
    M – Matt
    N – Nadine
    O – Olive
    P – Paul
    Q – Quentin
    R – Rose
    S – Summer
    T – Taisha
    U – Ulysses
    V – Victoria
    W – Watermelon
    X – Xavier
    Y – Ying
    Z – Zane
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    Re: Name after. . .

    A- Astoria (7 letters)
    B- Bali (place)
    C- Crimson (color)
    D- Dahlia (flower)
    E- Elijah (trendy)
    F- Felipe (Hispanic name)
    G- Gideon (biblical)
    H- Humali (mountain)
    I- Italia (country)
    J- January (month)
    K- Kutiel (angel)
    L- Lexus (car)
    M- Matthew (actor's first name)
    N- Nahla (song related name)
    O- Ollie (5 letters)
    P- Presley (musician's name)
    Q- Quentin (old fashion)
    R- Rowan (nature)
    S- Sunny (summer theme)
    T- Tacoma (city)
    U- Ursa (Greek)
    V- Vienna (place)
    W- Wakame (food or drink)
    X- Xavienna (very unusual)
    Y- Yu (Chinese)
    Z- Zeke (1 syllable)

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    Re: Name after. . .

    A- 7 letters: Allison
    B- a place: Boston
    C- a colour: Cardinal
    D- a flower: Dandilion
    E- trendy: Ethan
    F- hispanic name: Flora
    G- Biblical: Gera
    H- after a mountain: Hestavious
    I- a country: Ireland (one of my cousin's name, hate it!)
    J- a month: June
    K- name after an angel: Kellie
    L- name after a car: Lexus
    M- an actors first name: Mel
    N- song related name: Nickel
    O- 5 letters: Oprah
    P- musicians name: Pink
    Q- older fashioned name: Queena
    R- Nature: Raine
    S- Summer theme: Summer! Easy enough, lol
    T- city name: Tilan
    U- greek name: Ursula
    V- after a place: Vladmirr
    W- after food or drink: Wine
    X- very unique name: Xolanda
    Y- Chinese name: Ying
    Z- 1 syllabol: Zues
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