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    What do you think of the name Daylin Rene?

    What do you think of the name Daylin Rene?

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    Welcome to Nameberry! I hope we can be helpful if you're really looking for opinions.

    I assume, since you've posted this thread in the Girls' Names forum, that Daylin Rene is a potential girl's name. My first question would be, Where did you find the name Daylin? I have never heard it, and it isn't in Nameberry's database.

    My reaction to the sound of the name is that it could be either a boy's or a girl's name. It sounds similar to Galen (male), Dale (male or female), and Braylin/Braelyn/Braylon (male or female). Rene is a French male name, usually spelled Renee when given to girls. So the sound of the name isn't cluing me in about the baby's gender (which could be your intention.)

    I usually prefer names that have meaning and a history of usage. Daylin, to me, looks and sounds made-up and trendy, containing sounds in common with megapopular names Aidan/Caden/Mason, etc., and their variants. But I could be wrong about its being made up, and if there's a meaningful story behind it, I'm much more willing to cut it some slack. And by "made-up," I mean made up by combining sounds. Every name was made up at some point, but it's only recently become common practice to invent a name by combining sound elements instead of combining root words or meanings.

    I hope that helps. Best wishes!
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    To me, it's way too trendy, a la Braylen, Shaelyn, Raelyn, Kaelyn, etc. It's also made up, which isn't a quality I like in a name.
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    I actually kind of like the sound of it. I know a Daylee and have always found it quite cute, so Daylin seems like it could be a nice full name for it. It does come across as trendy and falling in with the rest of the Aiden/Lynn names, but it has a really cute and great sound to it anyway.

    I agree that Rene should be Renee, if you are indeed going for a girl's name. That, or replace it completely with a very feminine middle to differentiate the gender (I however would assume a Daylin is a girl, but it isn't 100% obvious).

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    Thanks for all the hlep- I found the name Daylin on another sight and thought it was cute we have a llittle girl Harper at home and thought it went well together- Rene is a family name that my Grandma, my mom, and I all have as our middle name so I wanted our next daughter to have the same middle name to carry on the tradition.

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