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    I think that having two unisex names together would be a constant complication so I like the Rowena Sage suggestion. For flow reasons I like that choice better than Sage Rowen(a) as well, but between the names Rowena and Sage I like Sage better as a first name. The only Sages I have met irl have been female. (And spelled Sage).
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    Rowena Sage seems like a nice way to go.

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    Rowena Sage is absolutely precious!
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    Rowena Sage is lovely. I like that Rowena honors your grandfather but is clearly feminine. Rowena is so underused - go for it! You could call her Roo, Ro, maybe Winnie?
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    My favorite of your ideas is definitely Rowena (go ravenclaws!) I've loved this since before HP because it was my preschool teachers name. I think it's beautiful and Rowe would be a cute nn. I also don't think Rowan is to masculine, and Sage is great too! All in all I think all your names are great!

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