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    Middle Name for Vivian or Violet?

    If we decided to have another child we each have a name we love picked out, that the other agrees on. Boy names are done, it will be either Felix Sebastian or Viggo William.

    For a girl I love Vivian and he loves Violet but we are stuck on which middle names sound best. We have decided to go with family names.

    The choices are Adelaide (after big sister Alice, both mean "noble"), Clementine, Josephine, Georgia, Wilhelmina, Beatrice or Rosalie

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    I like:
    Vivian Adelaide (My favorite combo)
    or I like Violet Josephine or Vivian Josephine (both are beautiful)

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    I like Vivian Adelaide best from a vacuum. But Violet Adelaide seems like a wonderful way to honor *both* big sisters, Lily (flower name) and Alice (shared meaning).
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    Wonderful names, such great choices!

    I love Vivian Adelaide and then Violet Adelaide / Rosalie. I think Vivian Violet is really pretty together, too.
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    I knew a Violet lily

    perhaps Lilian
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