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    FAMILY 1 --

    LN: Fraser

    DH: Adam Harry
    DW: Daniela Beth
    - DS1: Liam Elliott


    FAMILY 2 --

    LN: Green

    DH: Lemuel Keith
    DW: Emma Faith
    - DS1/DS2: Isaac Edward & Oscar Riley


    FAMILY 3 --

    LN: Dixon

    DW: Alissa Melanie
    - DS1: Kaleb Micah
    - DD1: Savannah Jade


    FAMILY 4 --

    LN: Evans

    DH: Malachi John
    DW: Helen Elizabeth

    - DS1/DD1: Zachary Mason & Esmè Amelia
    - DS2: Theodore Zane


    FAMILY 5 --

    LN: Murray

    DH: Simon Ezra
    DW: Sophia Rosalie

    - DS1: Lucas Daniel
    - DS2: Jacob Arlo
    - DS3: Nathaniel Reuben
    - DS4: Riley Benjamin
    - DS5: Thackary Miles
    - DD1: Jasmine Ella
    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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    The Valenti's

    DH: {36} Jonathan James Valenti
    DW: {33} Sarai Elena {Marion} Valenti

    DS: {6} Trent Anthony Valenti


    The Lawrence's

    DH: {32} Bryce William Lawrence
    DW: {29} Allison Katherine {Daniels} Lawrence

    DS/DS: {6m} Everett Henry Lawrence / Micah Charles Lawrence


    The Martel's

    DW: {35} Victoria Elaine Martel

    DS: {10} Noah Samuel Martel
    DD: {6} Layla Camille Martel


    The Sneed's

    DH: {38} Sean Thomas Sneed
    DW: {36} Jocelyn Nancy {Hawley} Sneed

    DD: {12} Miranda Simone Sneed
    DS/DS: {10} Duncan Wyatt Sneed / Colton Donald Sneed


    The Decker's

    DH: {38} Reid Douglas Decker
    DW: {36} Shelby Joyce {Laney} Decker

    DS: {13} Collin Nathaniel Decker
    DS: {11} Adam Matthew Decker
    DS: {10} Nathan Joseph Decker
    DS: {7} Aaron David Decker
    DS: {5} Lucas Christopher Decker
    DD: {3} Violet Camille Decker
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    FAMILY 1: The Jenner's
    D: Thomas James
    M: Cara Milan
    S: Kieran Ronoldo

    FAMILY 2: The Blacksmith's
    D: Johnathon Martin "Jonny"
    M: Julia Emily
    S/S: Maxwell Jake//Tobias Morley "Max and Toby"

    FAMILY 3: The Rueben's
    M: Tamsin Darla
    S: Siam Elliott
    D: Kaylyn Grace

    FAMILY 4: The Collin's
    D: David Luiz
    M: Marguerite Sheila "Marge"
    S: Jakob Carlos "Jake"
    S: Charlie Joe
    D: Megan Lorna

    FAMILY 5: The Thayre's
    D: Terry Alexander
    M: Allison Louise
    Sons: Lawrence Matthew, Simon Jake, Hugo Marvyn, Oliver Larkin, Finley Michael "Finn"
    D: Natalie Sophia

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    Family #1
    DH (35): Robert Michael Dawson "Robbie"
    DW (33): Jennifer Lynn *Baker* Dawson "Jenny"
    DS (6): Aidan Michael Dawson

    Family #2
    DH (32): David Kyle Roberts "Dave"
    DW (31): Melanie Elizabeth *Johnson* Roberts
    DS/DS (18mo): Ethan Patrick Roberts/Elijah Matthew Roberts

    Family #3
    Dmom (35): Laila Destiny Jordan
    DS (8): Caleb Isaiah Jordan
    DD (6): Kennedy Taylor Jordan

    Family #4
    DH (38): John Robert Harrison
    DW (36): Meredith Leigh *Thomas* Harrison
    DS/DD/DS (10): Jack Robert Harrison/Emma Catherine Harrison/Dean Thomas Harrison

    Family #5
    DH (40): Lee Douglas Donelson
    DW (38): Anna Marie *Bates* Donelson
    DS (13): Reed Alexander Donelson
    DS (9): Gavin Michael Donelson
    DS (7): Parker Lee Donelson
    DS/DS (4): Jonah Sam Donelson/Micah Eli Donelson
    DD (2): McKayla Charlotte Donelson "Kayla"

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