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Thread: Tamerlaine

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    How do you pronounce the name Tamerlaine?

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    Tamerlane was a MALE Mongol warrior whose conquests extended from the Black Sea to the upper Ganges. It comes from the Turkish name Temür meaning "iron". Timur, also known as Tamerlane (from Persian meaning "Timur the lame"), was a 14th-century leader who conquered large areas of Western Asia. It's pronounced basically as it's written: "tam-er-lane". Alternating the spelling to Tamerlaine doesn't make it more feminine or change its masculine origins.
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    I've always seen it spelt Tamburlaine. Referring to the same warlord mentioned above Definitely a guy's name anyway.
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    Interesting I saw this name under the nameberry list "Scottish names for girls". I liked the look of it but wasn't sure on the pronounciation. Thanks for the info

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