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    Valerie is defiantly my favourite x

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    I like Mallory a million times better than Valerie, but it looks like I'm in the minority on this one. All the Valeries I know are in their 50s and that makes it a "mom" name for me. I only know one Mallory, and she's about 4, so it seems more current to me.

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    I like Valery for a boy, and Valeria for a girl.

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    This is tough because I really prefer Mallory (and think Molly would also work as a nn as well as May) but I am obsessed with the song Valerie by Amy Winehouse. Even though both sound dated Mallory just sounds a little more buttoned up/preppy but pretty and less Valley girl (which Valerie reminds me a bit of). That being said I have met Valeries I have liked and heard it more than Mallory but still prefer Mallory (I too considered this name and such a shame about the meaning but it still sounds beautiful to me!)

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    My SO prefers Valerie because his one of his favorite show's 90210. But I personally prefer Mallory.
    (I also love Amy Winehouse's catchy song too.)
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