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    Arthur, Ambrose, or Asa?

    I'm torn— I love Arthur, Asa, and Ambrose, but I feel like I can only pick one. It just feels too matchy to have any combination of these as a sibset, right? Perhaps not Arthur and Asa. Anyway, which do you like best of the three, and what are your thoughts about combining any of them?

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    Ambrose all the way! Especially with the nickname Bo! I absolutely love this name!
    I don't know about combining any of them though because they share the same first initial.
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    I love Ambrose! Seriously, I would love to hear of a little Ambrose as I am still uncertain if it would be useable for me to name a son. I see how maybe the similarity to popular girls' names Amber and Rose could be a problem , but maybe not. My next choice is Asa, I really like it. Asa has the fun nn Ace and is short and easy to spell/ remember yet it is unusual enough to be interesting. I would also use Asa for a son, but I feel that it would hurt some of my family because of personal history with an Asa. Asa or Ambrose are great choices, I've never felt much for Arthur.

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    Ambrose then Asa for me

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    I do like them all but I feel that Arthur is the only one that is truly usable on a person.

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