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    Mother: Jasmine Aileen Watson (Jas)
    1st Daughter: Natalya Carolina Watson (Tally, 23)
    1st Son: Byron Bernard Watson (22)
    2nd Daughter: Selena Elizabeth Watson (Sela, 20)
    3rd Daughter: Marissa Gail Watson (17)
    4th Daughter: Grace Lorraine Watson (Gracie, 16)
    5th Daughter: Cordelia Rose Watson (Cora, 13)
    6th Daughter: Britain Aurore Watson (Bri, 12)
    7th Daughter: Faith Ivana Watson (11)
    2nd Son: Calter Nicholas Watson (Cal, 10)
    8th Daughter: Lucy-Anne Hadley Watson (Lucy, 9)
    9th Daughter: Nora-Jane Wilhelmina Watson (Janie, 8)
    3rd Son: Andrew Carter Watson (Drew, 6)
    10th Daughter: Teagen Samantha Watson (5)
    11th Daughter: Iris Opal Watson (4)
    12th Daughter: Alianna Samara Watson (Ally, Deceased)
    4th Son: Buford Victor Watson (Boo, Deceased)

    1st Grandson: Birch Nathaniel Watson (Tally's Son, 8)
    2nd Grandson: Maxwell Kane Watson (Max, Sela's Son,3)
    3rd Grandson: Dominic Shane Watson (Marissa's Son, 1)
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Ibrahim Asa ||

    ♥ Luna & Ibro ♥

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    DM: Jessica Ann Wilson (Single Mother)

    DD: Nicole Cheyenne Wilson (23)
    DS: Bentley Blaise Wilson (22)
    DD: Sutton Elizabeth Wilson (20)
    DD: Mackenzie Grace Wilson (17)
    DD: Gracelynn Lynn Wilson (16)
    DD: Chelsea Renee Wilson (13)
    DD: Britton Ann Wilson (12)
    DD: Freya Isabella Wilson (11)
    DS: Carter Nicholas Wilson (10)
    DD: Lee-Ann Hope Wilson (9)
    DD: Natalie-Jane Wren Wilson (8)
    DS: Addison Cale Wilson (6)
    DD: Trinity Sariyah Wilson (5)
    DD: Isadora Olivia Wilson (4)
    DD: Aubrey Sara Wilson (DIED AT 1 DAY OLD)
    DS: Braylon Vince Wilson (ALSO DIED AT 1 DAY OLD)

    DGS: Braxton Nicholas Wilson (SON OF N.C.W) 8
    DGS: Michael Karson Wilson (SON OF S.E.W) 3
    DGS: Danny Samuel Wilson (SON OF M.G.W) 1

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    DM: Joanie Adelynn (single mother)
    DD: Neaveh Colette 23
    DS: Benjamin Boris 22
    DD: Sienna Ella 20
    DD: Meadow Grace 17
    DD: Gail Louise 16
    DD: Carley Rae 13
    DD: Bella Amiee 12
    DD: Francesca Iris 11
    DS: Caleb Nathaniel 10
    DD: Lana-Alice Harmony 9
    DD: Natalya-Jaymi Willow 8
    DS: Alec Ciaran 6
    DD: Tenley Sofia 5
    DD: Immy Olivia 4
    DD: Aridne Savannah (died 1 day)
    DS: Banjo Vernon (died 1 day)
    DGS: Bentley Nicholas (son of Neaveh) 8
    DGS: Micah Kian (son of Sienna) 3
    DGS: Diego Sergio (son of Meadow) 1

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    New England
    The Watson's

    DM: Jemma Alicia (Single Mother)

    DD: Nora Caroline (23)
    DS: Benjamin Brian (22)
    DD: Samantha Emily (20)
    DD: Makenna Gabrielle (17)
    DD: Gemma Lauren (16)
    DD: Cathryn Rachel (13)
    DD: Blair Amelia (12)
    DD: Francesca Isabella (11)
    DS: Christopher Nathaniel (10)
    DD: Lily-Alicia Halle (9)
    DD: Naomi-Jean Whitney (8)
    DS: Asher Cyrus (6)
    DD: Tessa Sabrina (5)
    DD: Imogen Olivia (4)
    DD: Amy Savannah (DIED AT 1 DAY OLD)
    DS: Brett Vincent (ALSO DIED AT 1 DAY OLD)

    DGS: Brody Nicholas (SON OF N.C.W) 8
    DGS: Matteo Kevin (SON OF S.E.W) 3
    DGS: Dante Sebastian (SON OF M.G.W) 1

    Currently loving these: Caroline Blair Halle Victorie Valery Delaney
    & Hugo Henry Theo Sebastian
    Nathaniel Elliot Elijah ​Isaiah

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