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    DM: Josephine Alina Wills

    DD: Natalia Charlotte Wills "Talia" {23}
    ----- Benjamin Nathan Wills "Benji" {8}
    DS: Benedict Bram Wills "Ben" {22}
    DD: Susanna Evelyn Wills "Sunny" {20}
    ----- Maxwell Kit Wills "Max" {3}
    DD: Matilda Grey Wills "Mila" {17}
    ----- Dorian Silas Wills {1}
    DD: Georgiana Lily Wills "Georgie" {16}
    DD: Clara Romilly Wills {13}
    DD: Beatrice Amelia Wills "Bee" {12}
    DD: Francesca Ivy Wills "Chess" {11}
    DS: Carter Nathanel Wills {10}
    DD: Lilac-Anna Harriet Wills {9}
    DD: Nora-Jane Willow Wills {8}
    DS: Alexander Caspian Wills "Alex" {6}
    DD: Tempest Sophronia Will "Tempy" {5}
    DD: Isadora Olive Wills "Izzy" {4}
    DD: Alice Serena Wills {deceased at 1 day old}
    DS: Byron Vincent Wills {deceased at 1 day old}
    Alice. Marian. Juno. Branwen. Helena. Polly. Ophelia. Rosalind. Cosima. Matilda. Edith. Anna. Claudia. Frances.
    Arthur. Henry. Caspian. Stanley. Justice. Dexter. Edmund. Thomas. Nathaniel. Forest. Oscar. Lucian. Peter.

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