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  • Zahara

    13 9.85%
  • Zahra

    3 2.27%
  • Zara

    41 31.06%
  • Zelda

    24 18.18%
  • Zenobia

    15 11.36%
  • Zinnia

    35 26.52%
  • Zipporah

    14 10.61%
  • Ziva

    14 10.61%
  • Zoe

    59 44.70%
  • Zora

    17 12.88%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Zahara is my latest crush. I like Zahira also. Zara is pretty but it doesn't sound any different than Sara in Spanish so it's off my list. But my all time favorite is Zoe. Short, sweet, spunky, sassy, and happy. I love it.

    Wanted to add that a dear friend of mine recently named her daughter Zarahi. (Zah-rah-ee) it loses all the prettiness when you pronounce it in English, but it is just beautiful in Spanish.
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    I love Zipporah nn Zippy. If I didn't know one, I'd have it on my list.
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    Zara, but Zenobia is a lovely middle too.

    My own name is Zelia, I personally prefer it as Celia though.
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    I picked Zara... But I also like Zuri

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    I knew a girl named Zaina once. She was beautiful, intelligent, and had a quirky sense of humor. I have loved the name since, due to such a positive association
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