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    Marin- okay, not something I love but it's okay
    Artis- this is interesting, I think I'd prefer Arta, but Artis is pretty. Looks a bit like a nn for Artemis.
    Bethan- I think it will be mistaken constantly for either Beth-Ann or Bethany. What about Bethel?
    Raine- this is okay, I really like it as a middle, as a fn I'd prefer Raina as it's a bit more complete sounding
    Tressa- this is nice, I prefer Tessa, but it's interesting.
    Salome - I do think this is a pretty name, but I think it's too close for salami to be wearable
    Garnet- meh, a nice middle
    Tamsin - I don't like this at all sorry, reminds me of Tasmanian devil
    Elidi- it sound like L.E.D. like the lights.
    Thora - meh, just looks like Thor with an -a
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    Garnet- Not sure if I like it as a fn, bit masculine.
    Tamsin - Not my style but it's okay.
    Elidi- Probably my favourite from your list.
    Artis- Very male to me - could work as a middle?
    Salome - not my style but I like it.
    Thora - feels slightly insubstantial.
    Bethan- Seems a bit boring compared to your other children?
    Tressa- Don't like as a fn, could work in the middle spot.
    Raine- Again prefer it in the middle.

    Willow, Veda & Elidi definitely is the best combo.

    Elidi Bethan, Elidi Garnet, Elidi Raine, Elidi Artis?

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    Thora would sound wonderful with Willow and Veda! I also think Marin, Tamsin, and Bethan would go really well. I like Salome as well, but if you later had a son, that would rule out Solomon. If you only want three, though, then go ahead and use Salome if you want.
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    @beau123- thanks for commenting!

    @mega_muffin- for us, it would be 3 kids, max, unless we have twins. Since I have younger twin brothers, I always wanted a girl first, then twin boys. Although, I'm completely stumped as to what we'd name a 2nd boy, since our boys list is complete at just one name! ...But that's a discussion for another post

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    Top 5 from your list:
    Thora - This just seems like the perfect match to your current daughter's names
    Elidi - This is definitely the most uncommon chose, but I think it's fabulous
    Tressa - Again, a natural sister for Willow and Veda. Very pretty!
    Marin - If this were Maren, it would be higher on my list. I grew up in SF, so Marin will always be the county on the other side of the golden gate to me!
    Tamsin - I love Tamsin, but I think the others above go better with your girls
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