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    I want to name our baby after The Princess Bride, my husband thinks I am cray cray.

    I am re-reading my favourite old book and remembering how much I love the movie and I am trying to convince my husband that our baby I am growing should be named after The Princess Bride. If you haven't read the book or watched this movie I am definitely about to start sounding mad.

    So amongst jokingly suggesting Fezzick and Buttercup I actually really, really like Florin. It's a place name in the book but I still really like it. I also love Inigo.

    My husband however thinks pregnancy has stolen my wits. But really I think he should be thankful I am not trying to push for Humperdink (jks, that's a horrible name).

    So tell me: Florin? Yes? No? I really love it. I like it's meaning (flourishing/flower) and I like that it's an established boys name and not too unheard of or hard to spell. My husband think it's too girly. I don't like macho boy names anyway but is it really 'too girly?'.

    Inigo: my husband thinks this name is missing it's 'D' and I tend to agree people will mishear and say "Indigo" but I still really like this name. My only concern is we already have a son name ending in O (Theo) and I feel to O ending names are too much. Are they too much?

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    Florent is a very common French name for boys, so that might be more masculine than Florin, without being macho.
    I went to school with a Florine, and she was a girl.

    Inigo is getting more popular and people will get used to it so I wouldn't worry

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    I actually do like Florin and Inigo. What about Westley? It's a little more "normal," so maybe you husband would go for it

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    Myron Floren was an accordionist on "The Lawrence Welk Show."

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    I also love this book and my husband and I watched this movie on our second date! I also love Inigo and have the same fears you do. We aren't trying for children yet but I did try to convince him to engrave "As you wish" on the inside of this wedding band - he didn't like that idea.

    I think Florin could work, I'm not a huge fan but it's got potential.
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