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    I used to ex-ay-vee-er but then got told that was the 'wrong' pronounciation even though I liked it that way. So I 'trained' myself to say zay-vee-er, but then I watched X-Men and they pronounce the way I did!
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    I'm also Australian, and have only ever heard ZAY-vee-er.

    The EX-zay-vee-er pron doesn't make much sense to me. Are there any other words or names in English that start with 'X' but are pronounced in that way?

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    It astonishes me how many people pronounce Xavier with an "X" instead of a "Z" sound. The "X-Men" franchise has had too much influence on this name. Personally, I still consider the pronunciation "ex-ay-vee-er" a modern invention.
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    I think a combination between the two is best, very soft x and more pronounced z.

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    When I first saw it I thought in was pronounced ex-ay-vee-er but I'm pretty sure it's zay-vee-er.

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