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    Apr 2013
    United Kingdom
    I'd love 6-8, but I have 2 and think we've agreed on 4 altogether.
    I have a Mackenzie & a Phoebe already.

    B: Leo Benjamin
    B: Logan Scott / Charles Joseph
    G: Teagan Lily
    G: Demi Leigh

    However, I'd add an extra few for good measure.
    B: Leo Benjamin
    B: Logan Scott
    B: Charles Joseph
    B: Marley Thomas
    B: Jase Alexander
    B: Ronan Jay

    G: Teagan Lily
    G: Demi Leigh
    G: Atlanta Leigh Elizabeth
    G: Chelsea Louise
    G: Kiera Leigh Madison
    G: Stevie Louise OR Darcy Rose OR Felicity Rose OR Ebony Faith OR Lydia Grace <- One of those. haha.
    Daphne 🌺 Phoebe 🌺 Demi 🌺 Aoife 🍀 Teagan 🍀 Maisie 🍀 Chelsea
    Mackenzie 💙 Brodie 💙 Macaulay 💙 Christopher 💙 Declan 💙 Cavan 💙 Logan 💙 Patrick 💙 Kian 💙 Shay 💙 Shane 💙 Sawyer & 💙 Oakley.

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    I want two, ideally two boys, though a boy and a girl would be ok too...

    2 boys: Henry John "Huck" + Knox Everett
    1 + 1: Henry John "Huck" + Elliott Kate "Elle"

    Huck + Knox or Huck + Elle

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    Just two. Right now they would be:

    Persephone Alice "Sephy"
    Dorothea Lilac "Thea"

    Phineas Elijah "Phin"
    Sebastian Ivo "Seb"

    Extra child would be Luella Hadley "Lula" or Edmund Leo "Eddie"
    Edith. Iris. Lyra. Violet. Clara. Freya. Alice. Ottilie. Marian. Luella. Beatrice. Anthea. Romilly. Martha. Grace.
    Arthur. Stanley. Felix. Henry. Otto. Samuel. Dexter. Edward. Julian. Nicholas. Ira. Sidney. Winston. Thomas. Gabriel.


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    Honestly, I would like to be blessed with all boys. I have nothing against girls, but I just can't do hair. I have experience raising girls, so I don't think I will be missing much.

    Preferably, two boys:
    Caspian R. & Auberon R.

    Bonus baby:
    Girl: Liliana R. or Boy: Maximus R.
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    "ȶɦɛ ӄռɨɢɦȶṩ օʄ ռօʋ"
    αsριαη Aтℓαs Łενι | Ƶєρнуʀυs Aℓαη Ρѕαℓм | Ρнσєηιχ Aтσм Ɲιєℓ

    "ȶɦɛ ɮɛǟʊȶɨɛṩ օʄ ɛʍɮɛʀ"
    Łιℓια A∂єℓʀυɳє ℓαiʀє | Ɲασмι Aʀтεмιs Ƒαε | Ιѕαвєαυ A∂ℓυмια вℓутнє


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    I would like 4 or 5 and we already have 2 girls so
    Current 2
    Lilla Clare
    Vivienne Grace

    Eleanor June
    Rufus Graham
    Penelope Kate

    and just one more:
    Oscar Henry
    Mama to Lilla Clare 12.05.09 and Vivienne Grace 03.16.12
    Tess Magnolia - Coming Nov 4th 2015
    Charlotte Faye or Scarlett Faye | Everett James or Knox Thomas

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