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    Sebastian - dark curly hair, violin-player, bookish, withholding, sexy
    Dominic - sharp and forceful, tango dancer, domino-fancier?
    Harrison - fatherly, tweed-wearing, rugged but sensible
    James - self-aware, beautiful handwriting, clear-eyed
    Everett - hipster mountain-climber

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    Sebastian - stuck up. Dominic - exotic. Harrison - sexy, mature, husky voice. Can't picture a baby Harrison for some reason. James - can't think of a single adjective. This name can fit so many. Everett - thoughtful.

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    1) What are the first adjectives you think of to describe these names??
    2) How would you describe a person with these names??

    Sebastian- artistic/ fair haired, tall and lean, soft spoken yet passionate
    Dominic- cheerful/ short and stocky with dark hair, full of pranks and laughter
    Harrison- honest/ tall and dark, successful, well liked, athletic, rugged
    James- carefree/ slightly built and fair, a charmer, very active, a flirt
    Everett- loyal/ dark curly hair, a little shy, serious, intense
    Lσreℓei Oη∂iηe ● Octαviα єoωƴη Sσℓ ● etrα Leσcα∂iα Siℓver ● Suηηivα ωiℓℓoω ● Ƭɦisbe ωiℓ∂rσse
    Annika Bianca Evadne Felicity Pandora Thora | Cordelia Eilonwy Faraday Illyria Isabeau Serafina Snow Winifred
    ●●● ●●● ●●●
    Dαmiαη Sραrrσω ● єvαηder Sσℓ ● Gwƴdiση Hαrt ● Mαℓαchi Ƭristαη Bjσrη ● hiηeαs Rσbiη Bℓαise
    Caspian Everett Konrad Oren Theodore | Ithuriel Ivanhoe Kyle Llyr Peregrine Ranier Rune Wilder Wolf

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    Sebastian :Flamboyant.
    Dominic: Shy
    Harrison: Ambitious
    James: Square
    Everett: Creative

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    Sebastian - eccentric
    Dominic - ethnic
    Harrison - American
    James - classic
    Everett - mountain

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