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  • Cage Cruise

    2 2.06%
  • Cash Cruise

    2 2.06%
  • Cable Cruise

    2 2.06%
  • Calder Cruise

    12 12.37%
  • Callum Cruise

    61 62.89%
  • Carden Cruise

    6 6.19%
  • Caspian Cruise

    42 43.30%
  • Cooper Cruise

    15 15.46%
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Thread: Name Baby C!

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    Callum is far and away the best on your list paired with Cruise. Several of the word-names paired with Cruise sound like a kind of package vacation- Caspian Cruise sounds like a cruise on the Caspian Sea; Cash Cruise sounds like you'll be paying cash up front for your vacation; Cage Cruise sounds like you're going for a cruise inside a cage; Cable Cruise sounds like you'll be sailing the high seas while vegging out in front of the TV. Callum Cruise is the only one that works for me, although Cooper isn't terrible either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oliviasarah View Post
    Callum - Very 'chavy' in the UK, also pretty dull and uninspiring.
    Callum is 'chavvy'?? Jayden is chavvy. Callum is just a commonly (and not even that commonly) used name, no?

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    Love Callum Cruise and if he wants Cal Cruise.

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