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    Sibling Names for Hazel Grace??


    I'm new to Nameberry and looking for some advice on sibling names to my 20 month old, Hazel Grace. We do not know the sex of the new baby (due beginning of June) so looking for opinions on both boy and girl names. Our last name begins with a (hard) G. Here are our top contenders:

    1. Maeve (middle Aveline, Eveline, Violet or Guinevere),
    2. Violet (middle Maeve, June, Guinevere or Vera), or
    3. Guinevere (Gwyn or Vera for short, with middle name Maeve, Violet or June)

    1. Desmond (middle Millar, Fenton, Rhys or Jude)
    2. Heath (Henry, Millar)
    3. Clark (Millar, Fenton, Desmond)

    Not sure which sound best, and love Violet, though it's becoming quite popular in North America...

    Advice and opinions please!


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    Congratulations firstly!

    Hazel Grace is such a cute name. I love it. For the boys I love Heath Henry. Second would be Desmond Rhys. For me, Clark is too harsh sounding and I'm not a fan of it (sorry) but if you like it that's what matters I would chose Clark Fenton if I had to pick one.

    For the girls, I really like Maeve but I can't decide which middle name I like best with it. I feel Maeve Aveline runs into each other... Maeveaveline. Same with Eveline. Maeveeveline. Maeve Guinevere I think I like. Either that or Maeve Violet. Second choice would be Guinevere Violet. - really like this one. And then Violet June.

    Best Wishes x

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    Thanks so much for your feedback! We're trying to keep the name ideas a secret from family and friends, so it's so nice to be able to discuss with others out there interested in baby names! Thanks again.

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    We have such different styles that my comments on first names wouldn't be any use I'm sure! But can I leave my thoughts on middles?

    1. Maeve Guinevere is best for avoiding the running together of fn & mn
    2. Violet June feels the most balanced
    3. Guinevere Maeve also works - curious!

    1. Desmond Rhys combines fancy and simple
    2. Heath Henry may have a double H, but Henry is a fantastic name!
    3. Clark Millar flows better than Clark Desmond
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    Gretel or Gretchen Hope! I love Hazel and Gretel or Hazel and Gretchen! Not sure what for a boy!
    I like Violet. I like Clark or Heath.

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