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    Thoughts on my top 15

    We're expecting baby #5 and I was just wanting some fresh opinions on my top 15 names. We don't know the gender and probably won't find out so I have lists for both boys and girls. Older siblings are Aubriella Braelyn, Kaia Avalon, Aidyn Ryker, and Taylee-Rose Amethyst. Last name is two syllables and starts and ends with the 's' sound. Here they are, have at 'em.


    Dracen/Draeson (undecided on spelling)

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    I prefer Elowen to Ellowyn, Ireland to Irelyn, and Alexia to Alyxia. I do like Coralie and Willow, but the rest are not my style.

    For boys, I like Evander, Jasper, Soren, Sebastien, and Rune. I would spell it Dracen, Draeson looks messy to me.
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    Here are my favorites. The rest are not my style.


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    1st off congrats on #5.
    2nd your style is nothing like mine, but so I'll do my best to be objective and consider each name as part of your existing sib-set and hopefully within your style.

    Aubriella Braelyn, Kaia Avalon, Aidyn Ryker, and Taylee-Rose Amethyst.

    Lyric - I actually really like Lyric and Lyra. I think both would be beautiful additions and match nicely with Kaia's shorter name.
    Rhiannon - This feels out of place and life-less when compared to your other kids names.
    Acacia - I could see this working well with your other kids names.
    Ellowyn - like pp mentioned I prefer Ellowen but think that the Ellowyn spelling seems more appropriate for you. However, it is much softer all the way around then any of your other kids names - each of which have a slightly punchy sound to it.
    Rowan - Similar sound issues as Ellowyn.
    Aviana - I think this would be a great addition to your family. I'd avoid it as a mn as I think it's a little close to Avalon, but I think it could really sparkle as a fn.
    Irelyn - I dislike this so much I don't think I can look at this objectively. Are you trying to for a different spelling of Ireland? It looks and feels off. Your other kids who have the y added in places where it makes sense but in this case I find it confusing and very distracting.
    Genesis - I just met a Genesis and she was such a lovely and sparkling person. I still find it weird as a fn though. It would make a great mn.
    Makenna - a little boring. You've got more original ones listed here.
    Willow - Too 'normal' -> I think you've got better.
    Coralie - Obviously adore Coralie (see below), however, Coralie feels like she would stick out like a sore thumb. She's a lot more classic and romantic than any of your other girls.
    Taryn - I haven't seen this name in a while. I like that it's a great mix between fairly traditional and yet so completely unexpected and modern. What a great name for you.
    Alyxia - I understand why you would want to add the y in but this looks like a word-jumble to me. Alexia would be my preferred spelling and I think it still works well with your other kiddos names. I actually think it could be a great middle name for Taryn. Taryn Alexia.
    Jewel - This doesn't feel special and different enough for you. I think you've got better options on your list.
    Sienna - This doesn't feel special and different enough for you. I think you've got better options on your list.

    Asher - I would probably avoid a second A- boys name. It also has the emphasis on the same syllable as Aidyn. I think you can probably find something more distinctive that fits better.
    Tobias -
    Chanson - I think Chance would be a better fit. Chanson feels a little unnecessarily wordy somehow.
    Evander - I really like Evander but it feels a bit mismatched for you.
    Merrick - Maverick feels more fun to me.
    Jasper - I love Jasper. Wish it sounded good in German.
    Brycen - Surprised to find Brycen on your list. I know a Bryce and he's pretty kick-ass and nerdy. I also just finished audio-booking through a Bill Bryson book and thus prefer Bryson spelling because of that. Brycen feels like you added an extra -n to the name.
    Sebastien - This feels a bit odd with your other kids names. Too normal or something. I can't really put my finger on it.
    Maxson - This feels like a great addition to your family.
    Atreyu - If you want to name a son after the band - go for it. Otherwise I'd advise against it, since it is the most popular answer for an online search.
    Rune - While this feels a bit more feminine to me than masculine though I guess it's really unisex.
    Torin - This could be a fun addition to your existing sib-set.
    Dracen/Draeson (undecided on spelling) - I'd go for Draeson, it feels fun and spunky.
    Alexavier - Is there a reason you don't want just Xavier? This looks too much like a smoosh name to me.
    Soren - Aidyn and Soren feel a bit mismatched to me. One so modern the other traditional.

    Suggestion: I love Cyan/Cyane but it never really fits with my other loves. It feels like it could be right up your aisle though.
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    Thanks for the replies so far.

    lexiem- I actually have Cyan/Cyanna on my long list, but it's very similar to our last name, and there's other names I like much more, but thanks for the suggestion.
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