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    Oct 2010
    I'm a big fan of two middle names and like the flow of Micah David Scott. Of the other options, I think Ethan Micah sounds the best. Brooks and Sullivan don't quite go with Micah, IMHO, although Sullivan Brooks sounds nice to my ear.

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    Thank you everyone! I am loving that the response to Micah! I am so darn picky on literally everything right now. And, it does bother me that Ethan is so popular. I want something a little more unique. I think we will come up with 2 or 3 names & then have to wait until July to see him. But, definitely would love suggestions.

    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it!

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    1 Micah David Scott - love the flow and the special meaning
    2 Ethan Micah - I love Ethan but it's so darn popular your son may not be the only one in his class!
    3 Sullivan Micah - OK
    4 Brooks Micah - not a fan of the harsh Brooks at all.
    All the best,

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    Love the names Micah, Ethan, and David-so any combo I would love. Great names.

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    Definitely Micah David Scott! Micah is superior to the other names.

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