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Thread: Name prejudice

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    Name prejudice

    Today I got a new accountant.. I had two recommendations, and I contacted the person with the better name. Victoria Brush (as opposed to Patty Frawley.) I just felt that a Victoria Brush would go through my finances with a fine-tooth comb... Her name seemed so upright, so reassuringly British.

    Clearly, I've gone namenerd-bonkers. But have you ever done something like this? Decided not to go to a dentist because his name was Dr. Max Payne, or had a hard time taking someone seriously because their name was something like Buttercup? As I've considered names for my future children, I haven't really worried about what will appear most trustworthy, or most versatile in whatever professions they might choose. But this Victoria Brush got me thinking.

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    Emma, you are not alone. Like the anguished middle schooler staring in the mirror asking herself "am I normal?", you are.

    I seem to do it with service industries in particular. I had the option of choosing a new stylist when I move down here, and went with Araceli over Jamie. I recently had to choose a medical specialist for something (personal, not work) and after scouring CVs and soliciting recommendations I had two candidates; I went with the nicer name.
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    My grandmother's dentist is named Dr. Blood
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    I do this as well. At my high school, there was a brilliant, uber-nerdy girl named Bambi. She wanted to be a doctor. And I thought, even then, that there was no way in he!! that I would ever be able to trust a Dr. Bambi.

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