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    Round 1 - Name the children

    LN- Cooke
    DW-Alicia Iseult
    DH- Ivan Daniel

    *First name contains an , Middle name can be up to 9 letters long.*

    LN- MacGregor
    DW-Phoebe Louise
    DH- Russell Tobias

    *First name to be a 2 syllable name with a nice nickname. Middle name to be in the top 300 most popular names.*

    LN- Hitchcock
    DW- Matilda Rose 'Tilly'
    DH- Thomas Oliver 'Tom'

    *First name to be a classic/traditional name with more than 1 nickname. Middle name to be short & sharp.*

    DW- Leonie Anabel
    DH- David Henry

    * A name containing an E & a long length middle name. *

    LN- Ryder
    DW- Lori Evangeline
    DH-Tate Sidney

    *First name is to be from the show supernatural (Actor or character name) Middle name is to contain a Y.*

    DW-Jodie Bronwyn
    DH- Lucas Mitchell

    *First name is to be 5 letters long and middle name to be rare or very unusual.*
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