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    1. Elvira Rhiannon (“Elvira” by The Oak Ridge Boys and “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac)
    2. Bernard Kangal (St. Bernard & Kangal Dog)
    3. Robin Emma (Robin Williams & Emma Stone)
    4. Zara Marina (Zara, retailer; Marina Rinadli)
    5. Fae Seraphim
    6. Gustav Ralph
    7. Xanthe Beatrix
    8. Severus Valerian (Roman rulers)
    9. Odessa Florence
    10. Heidi Veronica
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    Alphonse Wolfgang | Hildegarde Artemisia

    FNs: Eirawen, Elvira, Hildegarde, Isolde, Claudia, Wilhelmina, Astraea, Deirdre, Olympia, Rowena
    MNs: Odette, Artemisia, Astrid, Fauna, Morwen, Lyra, Flora, Ingrid, Morwen, Beatrix, Zephyra, Indira
    FNs: Alphonse, Kaspian, Severus, Soren, Lysander, Raoul, Tiberius, Dmitri, Raphael, Ignatius, Percival
    MNs: Wolfgang, Ludovic, Emrys, Thorin, Gustav, Remus, Basil, Virgil, Ambrose, Gerard

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    1. May (Hold On Till May by Pierce The Veil)

    2. Inu (Shiba Inu)

    3. Taissa Lupita (Taissa Farmiga and Lupita Nyong'o)

    4. Free (Free People)

    5. Merrow (a type of mermaid)

    6. Roby

    7. Salix

    8. Shirley (Shirley Chisholm)

    9. Versailles

    10. Robin (Robin Roberts)

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    1. Valerie (By Amy Winehouse)

    2. Goldie (Golden Retriever)

    3. Hartley (Vivien Leigh-Hartley's her maiden name)

    4. A clothing brand / store

    5. Harpie

    6. Robert

    7. Xander

    8. Tarquin nn Quinn Bear (Theodore Roosevelt)

    9. Aviana

    10. Giuliana nn Giula

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    1. Nola Indigo (Nola by the saltshakers, Indigo by Tom Milsom)
    2. Callie Akita (Collie and Akita Inu)
    3. Samira Emmy (Samira Wiley, Emmy Rossum)
    4. Zara Dove
    5. Phoenix Angel
    6. Isaac Jai
    7. Lux Roxanna
    8. Cleopatra July (Cleopatra and Julius Ceasar!)
    9. Odessa Sofia
    10. Davina Ellen

    Nola, Callie, Samira, Zara, Phoenix, Isaac, Lux, Cleo, Dessa, and Vina!
    queer gal, author & name lover <3 no kids yet though i want one more every day, check back in a couple of years!

    current faves:
    Indigo Lydia Hope // Juno Jacqueline Mercy // Romy Beatrix Blue // Lux Naomi Clementine
    Willow Isaac Luca // Mica Rowan Theodore // Rafferty Nicholas Leo "Raffi"

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    1. A song (the name must be in the title): Jude (Hey Jude)

    2. A dog breed: Greyson (like a grey hound)

    3. Your favorite actor(s) / actress(es): Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) & Sigourney (Sigourney Weaver)

    4. A clothing brand / store: Betsey (Betsey Johnson) or Maisie (Macy's)

    5. A mythical creature: Gryphon

    6. A family name: Giovanna

    7. A name containing the letter “X”: Xander & Xara

    8. A leader / politician: Lincoln

    9. A European city: Essex (boy) & Vienna (girl)

    10. A television host: Ellen


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    My Current Favorites are:
    Aria, Marcella, Cosette, Victoria, Coralie
    Myles, Graham, Bryce, Archer, Rowan

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