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    Feb 2013
    Pregnancy #1:

    Pink - DS

    Thomas Miles

    Pregnancy #2:

    Silver Linings - DD/DS

    Lily Madeline
    Jesse Marius

    Pregnancy #3:

    UP - DS/DS/DD

    Owen Murphy
    Leo Morrissey
    Caroline Margaret

    Pregnancy #4:

    Which name do you prefer?
    Jack - DD

    Charlotte Mara

    Pregnancy #5:

    Sophie - DS

    James Mattéo

    Pregnancy #6:

    Where you would rather live?
    Chicago or Seattle - DD

    Elizabeth Maeve nn Ellie

    Thomas, Lily, Jesse, Owen, Leo, Caroline, Charlotte, James, Ellie

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    May 2013
    Sera Holly Alissa Serenity Krystal Kyra Lacey Bethany Summer Kabrina Kimber Saraphina Paige Flora Layla Brittany Kairi Arabella Abigail Juniper Baylee Cinnamon Lyric Astrid Lilac Lora Stephanie Norah Karina Faith Bree Katara Maddison

    Anthony Rhian Angel Aragon Tobias Bruce Terance Tristan Rory Bradley Ellison Wyatt Blake Chase Carson Terren Kayden Daniel Jaye Lysander Caspian Karter Nicholas Corie Mason Austin Jethro Kolton Ezekiel Logan Kenneth Memphis Skyler Echo Oak Kai Morgan Keith

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    Jun 2013

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    Jul 2013
    London, England
    DH: Harry Edward Styles
    DW: Charlotte Caroline Styles

    DS: Nathaniel Beau Styles
    DD/DS: Estelle Manon Styles and Edward Morrissey Styles
    DD: Amélie Fleur Styles
    DD: Ingrid Valentina Styles
    DS: Mattéo River Styles
    DD: Luna Clementine Styles
    Clara Misha Esther Agnes •• Gustav Vincent Graham

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    Dec 2012
    LN: Ramey
    DH: Lachlan William
    DW: Margaret Anne

    Pregnancy 1: DS - Jasper Thomas
    Pregnancy 2: DD/DD - Molly Alice and Maeve Elizabeth
    Pregnancy 3: DS/DS/DD - Owen Harrison, Seamus Nathaniel, and Charlotte Leonie
    Pregnancy 4: DD - Lila Sophia
    Pregnancy 5: DS - Tristan Edward
    Pregnancy 6: DD - Katherine Scarlet

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