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    Iowa, USA

    CAF My family and my friend's family!

    So, I've never made one of these before, but I've seen them done, so if you want to, try it out! The first family is my friend's family, and the second one is mine. Enjoy!

    FAMILY #1

    LN: G
    DH: GA
    DW: LR

    DD1: BC
    DD2: AC
    DS1: SD
    DD3: AJ
    DS2: AJ
    DD4: ER
    DD5: GA
    DS3: ZA
    DS4: CM

    FAMILY #2
    LN: D
    DH: SE
    SW: PA

    DD1: JF
    DD2: MK
    DS1: EJ

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    Dec 2011
    Baby Boys
    Oisín Thomas Jude ~*~ Rónán William James ~*~ Ciarán Everett Oscar ~*~ Nolan Éamon Leander ~*~ Cillian Maxwell Fionn "Lian"
    Darling Daughters
    Orla Constance Rosalind ~*~ Eleanor Cecilia Maude "Nellie" ~*~ Honora Veronica Eilís "Nora" ~*~ Gráinne Audrey Niamh ~*~ Moira Alice Helena

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    juniper jane | adelaide mary | beatrix emma | georgiana lark | elizabeth isolde | sybil rosamund | ingrid annamaria | demelza katherine | elinor loveday | rosamund yvaine | amabel margaret

    edmund alexander | wilfred cromwell | arthur serafino | frederick austen | aloysius rex | emrys sigismund | peregrin samuel | asa hawking | raphael richard | jude falco | caspian francis

    in reserve
    aurelia, clara, estella, harriet, sylvia
    evelyn, james, phoenix, thorin

    mulling over
    anouk // henri

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    FAMILY #1

    LN: Gebhart
    DH: Grayer Andrew
    DW: Linnea Rose

    DD1: Bethany Caroline *Beth*
    DD2: Alba Christine
    DS1: Spencer Dylan
    DD3: Annalie Justine *Annie*
    DS2: August Jonah *Augie*
    DD4: Echo Roseline
    DD5: Gwendolen Adeline *Gwen*
    DS3: Zajac Anthony *Jac*
    DS4: Crispin Matthew *Kip*

    FAMILY #2
    LN: Donnelson
    DH: Syler Edward
    DW: Piper Alice

    DD1: Jetta Finley
    DD2: Meara Katelyn
    DS1: Emmett Jordan

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