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    Aug 2012


    Girls: Damaris * Dominique * Jacqueline * Libba * Libby * Lorelai * Adelai * Arianwen

    Evelyn ~ Peri ~ Kai ~ Adria ~ Britta ~ Cora ~ Nova ~ Judith ~ Holland

    Boys: Geoffrey(geo) ~ Patrick(pax) ~ Malachi ~ William ~ Corbin * Everett * Owen * Levi

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    Aug 2009
    The Kierney's

    DH: Preston Mitchell Kierney
    DW: Grace Mallory {Lawrence} Kierney

    DS: Kieran Shane Kierney
    DD: Hope Lorielle Kierney
    DS: Callan Richard Kierney
    DD: Macy Arienne Kierney
    DS/DD: Gavin Lee Kierney / Daphne Lynette Kierney

    Preston & Grace Kierney
    - Kieran, Hope, Callan, Macy, Gavin, & Daphne Kierney
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    Nov 2013
    Surname: Isaacson

    Dad: Preston Cade
    Mum: Brenna Grace

    Son: Kieran Callum
    Daughter: Caia Cambria
    Son: Callan Grayson
    Daughter: Tessa Arienne
    Son/Daugter: Gavin Tucker / Halle Snow

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    Surname: Carlisle

    Dad: Leland Hayes
    Mum: Grace Brenna

    Son: Callum Ry
    Daughter: Caia Merit
    Son: Linus Alfred
    Daughter: Avia Greer
    Son/Daugter: Tucker Gavin & Phoebe Eris
    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    Dec 2011
    Surname: Lawrence
    Dad: Mitchell Van
    Mum: Jobeth Grace

    Son: Chad Flynn
    Daughter: Caia Lorielle
    Son: Callan Alfred
    Daughter: Macy Avia
    Son/Daugter: Morgan Kelly & Mindy Josefina

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