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View Poll Results: Mattias Flynn or Mattias Cosmo?

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  • Mattias Flynn

    40 81.63%
  • Mattias Cosmo

    9 18.37%
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    Mattias Flynn or Mattias Cosmo?

    We're going with Mattias for the first name and now we need a middle name!

    Trying to decide between Mattias Flynn Callahan or Mattias Cosmo Callahan.

    He has an older brother named Nicolas Felix.

    Your thoughts?

    P.S.: Mattias Flynn would lead to the initials MF... a problem or not?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Mattias Flynn is great. I actually prefer the spelling Matthias.
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    Thanks sarahmezz! I'm curious, how would you pronounce Matthias? I'm collecting different spellings and pronunciations... here's my little informal poll: Thanks again for the feedback

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    I voted for Cosmo. I think the alliteration makes the name roll into Callahan nicely, whereas Flynn Callahan is more halting because of the two n-endings.
    Cosmo is an excellent name, given depth by it's link to the Medicis and Saint Cosmas, but also cool and modern because of those two Os and the word "cosmos." I think Mattias Cosmo is a great match for a brother to Nicolas Felix.
    Flynn, while nicely Irish, seems like a hipster Errol Flynn reference to me. Incongruous next to old, lovely Mattias.

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    Mattias Cosmo got my vote. Cosmo is interesting, handsome, and almost completely unused. Flynn is awkward and sounds like "phlegm."

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