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    Sam Hoare and Romola Garai welcome daughter this March.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mclevine View Post
    Dear Cara, I know a few people who @tatyanar is talking about, they are Russian celebrities.
    Ilya Obolonkov and Natalia Gromushkina are actors and singers, they had their first daughter together and named her Iliana. There was a lot of fuss about them because Iliana is a highly unusual name in Russia.
    Rezo Gigineishvili is a very famous director, Nadezda Mikhalkova is an actress, his wife and daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov. They are A-class celebs in Russia and had their second child together.
    Oksana Akinshina is a young actress and Archil Gelovani is her SO. They had their first child together.
    Oksana Fyodorova is a TV personality and former "Miss Universe 2002". She married a businessman after dumping a very famous singer and is having her second child with him.
    Anna Snatkina is another actress. She and her boyfriend has their baby girl earlier this year but didn't announce the name. Now we see it's Veronica, a trendy choice in Russia.
    Olesya Zheleznyak is an actress and having her 5th(or maybe 4th) child soon. Tanya Tereshina is a TV star also.
    All these people are A-list in Russia but not very well-known here though I think it would be interesting to add their info here for Russsian berries to know about births. Also, you see there is a trend for Russian names so adding Russian celebs we would see what names are popular there.
    Thanks so much! I'd never heard of any of them, and when I researched them, not much came up. I'm more than happy to add the names for the Russian berries!

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    This thread will continue at Part 2, but the first post has gotten too long to add to.

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