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    ottilie, can you make a few suggestions you like? thx

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    btw m yhubby says Arkin is norwegian?

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    No, but there are some names that are quite similar.

    Norwegian names:
    Aksel, Alvar, Amund, Arild, Arne, Arnfinn, Arve, Arvid, Aslak, Atle, Audun, Bendik, Didrik, Edvin, Eilif, Eirik, Endre, Erling, Eskil, Espen, Geir, Henrik, Jesper, Ketil, Lavrans, Mads, Marius, Mikkel, Sigurd, Ulrik, Vegar, Vetle
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    I couldn't find Derin or Arkin in any database.

    Miles Amund
    Miles Andor
    Miles Ansgar
    Miles Arvid
    Miles Frode
    Miles Haldor
    Miles Henrik
    Miles Kasper
    Miles Roald
    Miles Tollak
    Miles Torleif
    Miles Torvald
    Miles Valentin
    Miles Viggo

    Here's a list of the top 100 baby names in Norway (2011) if you want to get an idea of what is popular now:
    Emily | 21 | USA
    Helen ▵ Alice ▵ Jane ▵ Mary ▵ Rose
    Sam ▵ James ▵ Theo ▵ Edward ▵ Ciarán

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    Wov.. so far, Aksel sounds really good to me.. We will think about Aksel. thanks for your suggestions so far. if you have opinions, feel free to let me know

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