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    Tradtional or unconventional? Please help my sister!

    So, my sister and her boyfriend are at locker heads over a middle name issue - so I mentioned the forum and she asked if I could asked on here for some opinions.

    Now, I don't know what the first name is, but my sister says its not one that's used a lot and her concern is that an unconventional name, along with an unconventional first name might be "too much" and wants to use the more "traditional". Her boyfriend disagrees.

    It's complete stalemate, so apparently, according to sister dearest, it comes down to which name is 'better' and 'nicer'.

    So! Of these two names, which one do YOU like better!?

    or Isabelle/Isobel ?

    They are aware of the sometimes negative connotations of the name Lilith.

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    a vote for Isobel

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    Lilith! I love it!
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    I prefer the name Isobel over Lilith. If the first name is unusual, a more mainstream mn name is fine.
    All the best,

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    Isobel! I agree with the PP -- it's best to pair unconventional with conventional.

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