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    Hieronymus! Nicknames & Combos?

    I fell for Hieronymus today! Don't you just love new name crushes?

    Can anyone think of possible nicknames besides Hero, Ron, and Ronnie?

    Thoughts on any of these combos? Feel free to suggest some!

    Hieronymus Bram
    Hieronymus Tristram
    Hieronymus Oscar
    Hieronymus Rupert
    Hieronymus Roan
    Hieronymus Elliott
    Hieronymus Jack (I quite like this one!)
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    The Dutch version is Jeroen - prn as Yuh-roon
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    Rony? Ro-nee not Ron-ee.

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    I immediately thought "Bosch", of course!

    I think big, baroque, unusual names like Hieronymus work best with pared-down middles. Hieronymus George sounds a lot better than Hieronymus Valerian (of course, being the name nerd I am, I fell for the latter combo immediately upon typing it out...but it does sound more like a Renaissance philosopher than a modern-day kindergartner).

    As for short forms, how about Nym?
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