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    1. Margaret
    2. Jessica
    3. Belle
    4. Jennifer
    5. Cleo
    6. Cressida
    7. Vanessa
    8. Leah
    9. Natalie
    10. Imelda

    Now that's a random bunch!!

    Vanessa Cleo
    Margaret Belle
    Current Favorites

    Adeline, Annabel, Cecily, Clara, Clementine, Cressida, Daphne, Eliza, Flora, Georgiana, Gemma, Hyacinth, Isa, Imogen, Juliet, Lila, Livia, Matilda, Ophelia, Persephone, Sabrina, Tamsin, Verona, Violet

    Alastair, Asher, Callum, Caleb, Colin, Dorian, Felix, Florian, Gavin, Hallam, Inigo, Julian, Lionel, Marius, Nigel, Noel, Oliver, Raphael, Sebastian, Silas

    Current furry children: Clover, Snowshoe, Avalon, Puck, Panda, Winona

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    Alexandrina Caroline, Ariana Isobel, Katarina Lily, Linnea Scarlett, Rosalie Clara, Elena Violet, Mila Felicity, Victoria Evangeline, Anastasia Josephine

    Benjamin Emmett, Caleb Joshua, Mason Levi, Jameson Noah, Charles Oliver, William Joseph, Nathaniel Owen, David Thomas, and Beckett Hudson

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    1. Miley
    2. Kylie
    3. Jade
    4. Kenidy
    5. Erin
    6. Sarah
    7. Kahley
    8. Nylah
    9. Aja
    10. Katie

    Nylah Jade
    Kylie Erin

    Haha, I really took this seriously. These really aren't necessarily my favorite names. In fact, the only ones actually on my list are Nylah and Jade. Great idea! This was fun.
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    ~ Larissa

    Olympia Primrose
    Waverly Claire ~ Amaryllis Joy
    Holiday Elise ~ Bellamy June ~ Seraphina Daisy
    Genevieve Scout ~ Romilly Violet ~ Laszlo Oliver ~ Darwin Blake
    Gideon Levi ~ Fisher Gray ~ Jasper Elias
    Simon Apollo ~ Orlando Archer
    Phineas Jack

    Crushing hard... Saylor Adeline ... Mazarine Alice ... Penrose Elizabeth

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    I WANT to just pick names I love, but I'm going to just go with what pops into my head:

    1. Caroline
    2. Sarah
    3. Marjorie
    4. April
    5. Kathleen
    6. Eve
    7. Andrea
    8. Natasha
    9. Angela
    10. Philippa

    Weird, because I am just neutral towards most of these names, and do not even like two of them. However, I love Eve, April, Philippa, and Natasha.

    For bonus points:
    Natasha Eve and April Kathleen
    Sarah Jade and Erin Kylie
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    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve.

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