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    Rhode Island

    Long Initials CAF

    LN: S

    (69)DH: JOS


    (45)DD1: BRS

    (43)DD2: HKS

    (42)DS1: SPS

    (40)DD3: ZTS

    (38)DS2/DS3: JSS/JJS

    (45)DD1: BRS

    (47)DH: KNC

    (19)DD/DD: ARC/ALC

    (15)DS: AMC

    (14)DS: APC

    (12)DD: AHC


    (44)DH: GIR

    (16)DS: CAR

    (15)DD: JAR


    (40)DW: NLA


    (13)DD/DD: MCS/JKS








    (expecting)DD/DS:MLD/MCD or MOD/MAD



    (12)DS/DS: NJS/RAS

    (10)DD: LNS








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    Rhode Island
    (69)DH: Jonathan Oliver Sousa.

    (68)DW: Nicole Ophelia Sousa (Turner).

    (45)DD1: Brenda Rose Sousa.

    (43)DD2: Hanna Katherine Sousa.

    (42)DS1: Stephen Paul Sousa.

    (40)DD3: Zoe Teresa Sousa.

    (38)DS2/DS3: James Sebastian Sousa & Jacob Jack "Jake" Sousa.

    (45)DD1: Brenda Rose Cisneros (Sousa).

    (47)DH: Kenneth Noel "Ken" Cisneros.

    (19)DD/DD: Alison Rosemarie Cisneros & Amanda Leigh Cisneros.

    (15)DS: Aaron Michael Cisneros.

    (14)DS: Aiden Peter Cisneros.

    (12)DD: Ava Helen Cisneros.

    (43)DD2: Hanna Katherine Rothermel (Sousa).

    (44)DH: Gregory Isaac "Gregg" Rothermel.

    (16)DS: Christopher Arnold "Chris" Rothermel.

    (15)DD: Jessica Alice "Jess" Rothermel.

    (42)DS1: Stephen Paul Sousa.

    (40)DW: Natalie Lorraine Sousa (Asermely).

    (15)DD/DD/DS/DS: Lauren Alexandra Sousa, Kelsey Elizabeth Sousa, Nicholas Isaiah "Nick" Sousa, & Daniel Oliver "Danny" Sousa.

    (13)DD/DD: Melissa Catherine Sousa & Jordan Kennedy Sousa.

    (40)DD3: Zoe Teresa Doiron (Sousa).

    (40)DH: Jason Thomas Doiron.

    (14)DD: Michaela Rosemary Doiron.

    (11)DD: Marisa Samantha Doiron.

    (8)DS: Matthew Edward "Matt" Doiron.

    (5)DD: Mariana Isabelle Doiron.

    (2)DS: Marcus Theodore "Marc" Doiron.

    (expecting)DD/DS: Minerva Lee "Minnie" Doiron & Maxwell Cameron "Max" Doiron or Minerva Olive "Minnie" Doiron & Maxwell Aidan "Max" Doiron.

    (38)DS2: James Sebastian Sousa.

    (37)DW: Naomi Rochelle Sousa (Hoy).

    (12)DS/DS: Noah Jackson Sousa & Rowan Alexandre Sousa.

    (10)DD: Lily Natasha Sousa.

    (9)DD: Caitlin Bernice "Caitie" Sousa.

    (6)DD: Kendall Ember Sousa.

    (38)DS3: Jacob Jack "Jake" Sousa.

    (32)DW: Regina Rachel Sousa (Monsalve).

    (6)DD/DD: Sara Rosaline Sousa & Samantha Hanne "Sam" Sousa.

    (4)DS/DS/DS: Jeremy Deacon Sousa, Jasper Ishmael Sousa, & Jayden Olivier "Jay" Sousa.

    (2)DD/DD: Mackenzie Anne "Mac" Sousa & Mischa Kimberly Sousa.

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    LN: Sherman
    (69)DH: John Owen
    (68)DW: Nicole Olivia Thomas

    (45)DD1: Brandy Rose
    (43)DD2: Haley Kathleen
    (42)DS1: Scott Patrick
    (40)DD3: Zoey Taylor
    (38)DS2/DS3: Jonathan Shane & Joshua James

    (45)DD1: Brandy Rose Sherman
    (47)DH: Kyle Nicholas Carson

    (19)DD/DD: Anna Rose & Ava Leigh
    (15)DS: Aaron Michael
    (14)DS: Aidan Paul
    (12)DD: Aleah Hope

    (43)DD2:Haley Kathleen Sherman
    (44)DH: Grant Isaiah Ryland

    (16)DS: Cody Alan
    (15)DD: Jayda Alexis

    (42)DS1:Scott Patrick Sherman
    (40)DW: Natalie Laine Almon

    (15)DD/DD/DS/DS: Lindsey Aileen, Kassidy Elaine, Nikolas Isaac, & Dylan Oliver
    (13)DD/DD: McKenna Claire & Jennifer Kate

    (40)DD3:Zoey Taylor Sherman
    (40)DH:Jason Thomas Dryer

    (14)DD:Madeleine Rose
    (11)DD:McKenzie Sophia
    (8)DS:Matthew Ellis
    (5)DD:Michelle Ilene
    (2)DS:Michael Thomas
    (expecting)DD/DS:Madison Leigh & Micah Charles or Madison Olivia & Micah Alan

    (38)DS2:Jonathan Shane Sherman
    (37)DW:Noelle Renee Hudson

    (12)DS/DS: Noah Jack & Rhys Alan
    (10)DD: Lily Noelle
    (9)DD:Cara Beth
    (6)DD:Kate Elle

    (38)DS3:Joshua James Sherman
    (32)DW:Rebecca Rachelle Murphy

    (6)DD/DD:Sarah Rachelle & Sofia Haley
    (4)DS/DS/DS:Jace Daniel, Jaxon Isaiah, & Jayden Orson
    (2)DD/DD:Maya Alexis & Molly Klaire

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    LN: Snow

    (69)DH: Jack Oscar Snow
    (68)DW: Nicole Ottoline Thomas

    (45)DD1: Beatrix Ruth Snow
    (43)DD2: Hermione Karis Snow
    (42)DS1: Simon Paris Snow
    (40)DD3: Zelda Theodora Snow
    (38)DS2/DS3: Jude Samson Snow and James Jonas Snow

    (45)DD1: Beatrix Ruth Snow
    (47)DH: Killian Neville Callahan

    (19)DD/DD: Adelaide Ruby Callahan and Aurora Louisa Callahan (Lady and Rory)
    (15)DS: August Malachi Callahan (Gus)
    (14)DS: Asa Phineas Callahan
    (12)DD: Araminta Henrietta Callahan

    (43)DD2: Hermione Karis Snow
    (44)DH: Gideon Indiana Richardson

    (16)DS: Caspian Arthur Richardson
    (15)DD: Jessamine Alice Richardson

    (42)DS1: Simon Paris Snow
    (40)DW: Norah Lavender Austen

    (15)DD/DD/DS/DS: Lavinia Aurelia Snow and Keturah Elizabeth Snow and Nicholas Ira Snow and Dashiell Oliver Snow (Dash)
    (13)DD/DD: Margot Clementine Snow and Juliet Katherine Snow (Jett)

    (40)DD3: Zelda Theodora Snow
    (40)DH: Jonah Thackeray Devereux

    (14)DD: Minerva Ravenna Devereux
    (11)DD: Magnolia Sage Devereux
    (8)DS: Montgomery Edmund Devereux (Monty)
    (5)DD: Maeve Isabeau Devereux
    (2)DS: Moses Tiberius Devereux (Moe)
    (expecting) DD/DS: Maxine Lilac Devereux and Morgan Clarence Devereux or Maxine Opal Devereux and Morgan Arthur Devereux

    (38)DS2: Jude Samson Snow
    (37)DW: Nola Ramona Hawthorne

    (12)DS/DS: Nathaniel Jupiter Snow and Rupert Asher Snow (Nat)
    (10)DD: Lyra Niamh Snow
    (9)DD: Cressida Briar Snow
    (6)DD: Kaia Evangeline Snow

    (38)DS3: James Jonas Snow
    (32)DW: Rowena Rose McAllister

    (6)DD/DD: Seraphina Rhiannon Snow and Simone Honora Snow
    (4)DS/DS/DS: Julius Dominic Snow and Jasper Indigo Snow and Jameson Octavian Snow (Jules and Jem)
    (2)DD/DD: Margaret Athena Snow and Matilda Kathleen Snow (Greta and Maude)

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    (69) DH: John Oliver Shell
    (68) DW: Nelly Ophelia (Timbs) Shell
    (45) DD1: Brenda Renee Shell
    (43) DD2: Heidi Karen Shell
    (42) DS1: Scott Patrick Shell
    (40) DD3: Zoe Therese Shell
    (38) DS2/DS3: Jared Stuart Shell/Jared Jonathan Shell

    (45) DD1: Brenda Renee (Shell) Compton
    (47) DH: Keith Noel Compton
    (19) DD/DD: Allison Rachel "Allie" Compton/Abigail Lauren "Abby" Compton
    (15) DS: Andrew Michael "Drew" Compton
    (14) DS: Alexander Peyton "Alex" Compton
    (12) DD: Anna Hayden Compton

    (43) DD2: Heidi Karen (Shell) Ryals
    (44) DH: Gregory Ian "Greg" Ryals
    (16) DS: Connor Austin Ryals
    (15) DD: Julia Ainsley Ryals

    (42) DS1: Scott Patrick Shell
    (40) DW: Natalie Lucille "Nat" (Amory) Shell
    (15) DD/DD/DS/DS: Lillian Adelaide "Lily" Shell/Kelly Eleanor Shell/Nicholas Isaac "Nick" Shell/Dylan Owen Shell
    (13) DD/DD: Margaret Claire "Meg" Shell/Jane Katherine Shell

    (40) DD3: Zoe Therese (Shell) Dixon
    (40) DH: Jacob Troy Dixon
    (14) DD: Mallory Reese Dixon
    (11) DD: Madeline Skylar "Maddie" Dixon
    (8) DS: Mason Elliott Dixon
    (5) DD: Maya Isabelle Dixon
    (2) DS: Mark Tyler Dixon
    (expecting)DD/DS: McKinley Leighton Dixon/Mitchell Cooper Dixon

    (38) DS2: Jason Stuart Shell
    (37) DW: Norah Rose (Haverty) Shell
    (12) DS/DS: Nathan Joshua "Nate" Shell/Russell Anthony "Rudy" Shell
    (10) DD: Lindyn Nadia Shell
    (9) DD: Camryn Brighton Shell
    (6) DD: Keelyn Ellis Shell

    (38)DS3: Jared Jonathan Shell
    (32)DW: Rosalind Rhea "Rosa" (Miller) Shell
    (6)DD/DD: Stefanie Reed "Stevie" Shell/Samantha Hollis "Sam" Shell
    (4)DS/DS/DS: Jonas Drake Shell/Jaxon Ira Shell/Jett Orion Shell
    (2)DD/DD: Martha Allyn "Marty" Shell/Mackenzie "Mack" Kieran Shell

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