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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    Wasn't Viserys (brother to Daenerys) named after a good ancestor Viserys? Names get recycled a lot in ASOIAF it's hard to remember x_x
    Yeah, he was (or well, there was Viserys I who was a good ruler, and Viserys II who ... wasn't quite as good a ruler as Viserys I), but he still kinda pulls the name down
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    I would definitely name a child after a fictional character. Several of the names on my list are inspired by characters or have associations with characters. For example, Samuel has Sam Winchester and Sam Gamgee. Hermione and Luna are on my middle name list because of the Harry Potter characters.

    How could I forget Jane? Jane Eyre is what put Jane in my top five.
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    One of my favourite girls names is Beatrix, which is obviously for Beatrix Potter, even though I know she's not a fictional character! Also, Josephine, which is from Little Women and Cecilia, which is from Beaches (my favourite movie). For boys, I love Gilbert, which is from Anne of Green Gables. I'm sure there's others, but I can't think of them now!
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    I most likely won't go the family route, though there are a few names I like that just so happen to be names of ancestors. Annika, Ottilie and Ward are three long time favorites that are family names.

    I tend to go for random names, especially nature names. A good deal of my favorite names are character names from books and mythology, or names of authors. One of my all time favorites is from a movie: Isabeau from Ladyhawke.

    Off the top of my head Heidi (Johanna Spyri), Charlotte (Bronte), Jane (Eyre), Lucy Snow (Villette), Eilonwy (Prydain Chronicles), Jorah (A Song of Ice and Fire), Wilder (Laura Ingalls), Caspian (Narnia Chronicles), Woodrow (Time Enough For Love) and Ivanhoe (Sir Walter Scott) are all literature names I adore because of the literature they're inspired from.

    There are tons of other literature names I love, mostly because of the character, but they're not names I'd use for my child for a number of reasons.
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    I'm actually named after a character/person in real life and I love the connection!

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