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    Full names for the nickname Shay/Shae

    Preferably not something like Shaylynn. Do you think Shay/Shae could stand on its own? Also, what do you think of it? Thanks!
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    I definitely think Shay can stand on it's own, especially considering the lack of not made up sounding full names like Shayla or Shaylee. It's not my favorite name out there, but it is a gorgeous name. Aesthetically, I think Shae is prettier, but Shay will probably age better and seem less cutesy.
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    I have a very good friend named Sherri who has always gone by Shae.
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    I think Shay/Shae would be beautiful on its own. Longer names leading to Shae or Shay could be Cheyenne or Shannon.
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    Maybe Chantal nn Shay?

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