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    Quintuplets Game - Two Sets

    This is just like all the other quintuplet games except we'll play with one set of boys and one set of girls. You MAY swap actions between sets as long as you do two of each action (Replace First Name; Replace Middle Name; Swap First and Middle Name; Keep Name; New Name of Same Initials). You could for example keep two boys' names and redo initials of two girls names but you cannot redo initials of two girls name AND a boys name -- only use each action twice.

    Here are some Austen sets to start it off.

    Tilney Ulric
    Brandon Nikolai
    Wentworth Milo
    Knightley Salvador
    Darcy Michael

    Jane Louisa
    Elizabeth Maeve
    Mary Henrietta
    Kitty Violet
    Lydia Charlotte

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    Almost! Sorry it is confusing, I should have done an example. It would go more like this:

    Tilney Ulric --> Tilney Ulric (Kept)
    Brandon Nikolai --> Baylor Nikolai (Changed FN)
    Wentworth Milo -- > Wentworth Wade (Changed MN)
    Knightley Salvador --> Salvador Knightley (Swapped)
    Darcy Michael -- > Darius Micah (Initials)

    Jane Louisa --> Louisa Jane (Swapped)
    Elizabeth Maeve --> Eliza Mae (Initials)
    Mary Henrietta --> Margo Henrietta (Changed FN)
    Kitty Violet -- > Kitty Vivienne (Changed MN)
    Lydia Charlotte --> Lydia Charlotte (Kept)

    So the actions (Swapped, Kept, Changed FN, Changed MN, Initials) are each on the board twice but you cannot do two things to one name like swap the order and change one name. So out of ten names, keep two, swap two, change two firsts, change two middles, and recreate two with the same initials. Hope this makes sense! I'm told I am very bad at explaining things ::blush::.

    And no need to list the old names in your post, I just did that for the example to make it easy to see.

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    Tilney Elliot (changed mn)
    Brandon James (changed mn)
    Wyatt Matthew (initials)
    Kaleb Simon (initials)
    Hayden Michael (changed fn)

    Louisa Jane (swapped)
    Elizabeth Maeve (kept)
    Madison Henrietta (changed fn)
    Violet Kitty (swapped)
    Lydia Charlotte (kept)

    I used your initial post since the next one was a little messy. Don't mean to exclude you bailibsmum!

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    Elliot Tilney (swapped)
    Barnaby John (initials)
    William Maxwell (initials)
    Christopher Simon (changed fn)
    Theodore Michael (changed fn)

    Louisa Jane (kept)
    Elizabeth Maeve (kept)
    Henrietta Madison (swapped)
    Violet Eloise (changed mn)
    Lydia Katharine (changed mn)
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