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    I think Danica is lovely (prefer the Danika spelling, but that's because I know a little Danika and she's definitely spunky... the K suits her.) You could use the nn Ani (Annie) for Danica. It might be a little matchy with Luca, but I personally don't care too much about that. If it bothers you you could use Milena (nn Mila) which is also a beautiful name. Both are beautiful.
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    Thank-you for all the feedback. Please keep it coming.

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    Eva is another favorite of mine to go with Luca! Also, how about Anna?
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    Mila was going to be one of my suggestions! I think it is perfect with Luca. I think Danica would be fine as long as you call her Danica. No need for a nn. I also like:


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    WDYT of Neva Grace? My two favourite names together.
    You might also consider Dree, Luna, Elle.
    Nica could be a nn for Danica.
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