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    NB: Names all generated on Nymbler, girl names generated using the names of my best girl friends, boy names generated using the names of my boyfriend and my best guy friends!

    LN: You choose

    DH: Max, Simon, Ethan, Jacob, Jeremey, Tam, Adam, Oliver, Joe, Orrin
    DW: Abigail, Nora, Darby, Olivia, Kirstin, Grace, Emma, Charlotte, Mackenzie, Anna

    DS: James, Benjamin, Henry, Jared, Noah, Ash, Thomas, Wylie, Dermont, Daron

    DD: Vanessa, Erin, Casey, Emily, Elizabeth, Camryn, Sadie, Sheila, Kaitlyn, Iona

    DS/DS: Joshua, Jasper, Charles, Jake, Gabriel, Judson, Bart, Jimmy, Ross, Ron // Carlo, Mitchel, Lee, Nelson, Charlie, Nathaniel, Cary, Connor, Bryce, Blane

    DD: Kennedy, Rory, Ashlynn, Reagan, Alexandra, Kerry, Madeline, Addison, Fallon, Jordan

    DD/DS: Melinda, Rowena, Jasmine, Shani, Daisy, Jenna, Lillie, Brooklyn, Elsa, Sonia // Cash, Asher, Kendal, Rudy, Art, Kane, Rance, Shane, Jonah, Aidan

    DS: Archie, Erik, Travis, Dwight, Tony, Terrence, Adrian, Chase, Elias, Emmett

    DS: Flynn, Lucian, Davis, Ted, Micah, Beau, Reed, Braden, Brandon, Eric

    DD/DD/DD: Kerensa, Iris, Edna, Asia, Valentina, Damiana, Aleta, Acacia, Brittney, May // Michaela, April, Carol, Gloria, Valencia, Dalia, Marjorie, Alysa, Catarina, Mara // Virginia, Peggy, Perri, Portia, Shana, Rae, Gretchen, Harlow, Ariel, Noelle
    ♥ Margaret Mary ♥
    19. Name nerd. College sophomore.

    ~ Eliza Josephine ~ Esther Christabel ~ Harriet Aurelia ~ Mary Jessamine ~ Rose Georgina ~ Sarah Margaret ~
    ~ Asher Benedict ~ Gabriel Walter ~ John Constantine ~ Noah August ~ Reuben Alexander ~ Samuel Ernest ~

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    Favorite Girls: Adelaide, Annabel, Charlotte, Cora, Eliza, Harper, Kinsley, Lila, Madeline, Piper, Presley, & Vivienne
    Favorite Boys: Archer, Asher, Bennett, Crew, Elliot, Everett, Griffin, Harrison, Jude, Logan, Maxwell, & Owen

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    Sari, high school senior.

    The enchanting little witches & wizards: Under Construction and Pending.

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