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    one of my dads mns is francis - i think its cool
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    @mischa: I know! I was thinking the same thing!
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    I think we could see an upswing, not necessarily people being named *after* the new Pope, but more because when you hear a name in the news, it can tend to grow on you. It also fits in nicely with the "old names made new" trend.

    I personally love Francis, although I prefer François, a family name for me. Alas, it is so badly mispronounced by most English speakers that I wouldn't attempt it...
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    I love Francis/Frances, and yes, I think we will see an increase. It might not be huge, but there will be one.

    I was fascinated to read about the new Pope; how he lived a fairly simple life in Buenos Aires, for example he used public transport as opposed to having a driver to transport him about by car everywhere.

    Given the history of Saint Francis of Assisi (Francis, the Poor Man of Assisi who believed in living close to the poor), it's quite fitting really. As such I think it clearly shows he chose his name to reflect the simple way he has lived his life as a bishop.
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    The only Fra- names I like are Frank and Franklin. I think Francis is a boring choice - but I didn't expect anything else from a pope.
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