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    Henry Cy sounds incomplete... and like spyro pointed out, with you using your maiden name as a second middle, it would result in your dad's full name being the middle. Which is just a touch of overkill in terms of honoring. It could also be awkward if any future grandchildren are given just Cy as a middle... your child would already have the full name, so does that make his name 'better' than his cousin's? Likewise... if your father's name really is just Cy, and you go with a name that includes Cy, then if Henry Cyril or Cyprano has a cousin whose middle name is the original Cy, is Henry's middle name less-than? It would definitely depend on your family dynamics.

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    Gabriel for sure
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    I think Henry Gabriel is fine (actually, I think it's awesome!) and, since you're using your maiden name as a second middle, that's enough for honouring your family. Maybe you could use Cy as a middle name if you have a second son? I think Henry Gabriel is a beautiful combination (so beautiful, in fact, that I may just use it myself!).
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    Thanks everyone. Cy is short for Cyril but my Dad HATES it so I couldn't possibly use it.

    There definitely won't be any more grandchildren unless I have another baby but I don't believe in "saving" names for future children who may not exist.

    I think I you're right that having Cy Surname is overkill, I hadn't really thought of that as my maiden name is also my daughter's second mn so it feels more a part of her and me than my Dad if that makes sense.

    Thank you Sarahmezz but please don't use it! LOL With Henry so popular it's nice to think my HG might not be one of many

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    Ooh another Cy-fancier! I love Cy too. Wanted to use it as a full name, but it really is more of a nickname.

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