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Thread: Twin girls A-Z!

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    Here are names that I would use for twin girls, using all letters of the alphabet. Beside them, in parenthesis are nicknames (Not neccesarily what they would go by).

    Aurelia and Aisling (Ari and Ash)
    Beatrix and Brigitte (Trixie and Bri)
    Clementine and Cozette (Emme and Cozy)
    Delilah and Delaney (Lila and Delly)
    Eloise and Eveline (Loie and Evie)
    Fiona and Felicity (Fifi and Lissy)
    Genevieve and Gwendolyn (Ginny and Gwen)
    Harper and Helena (Harper and Lena)
    Ivy and Isabel (Vivi and Issi)
    Josephine and Juliette (Jo and Jules)
    Keely and Katia (Keely and Kat)
    Lucie and Laurel (Lu and Laurie)
    Merida and Marnie (Meri and Marnie)
    Nina and Naomi (Nina and Naomi)
    Olivette and Oceane (Liv and Oceane)
    Phoebe and Prudence (Phoebe and Prue)
    Quinn and Queenie (Quinn and Queenie)
    Raven and Ramona (Rae and Mona)
    Sasha and Simone (Sash and Sim)
    Tamsin and Tabitha (Tams and Tibby)
    Umbria and Unity (Bri and Unity)
    Viola and Vada (Vi and Vada)
    Waverly and Winslet (Waves and Winnie)
    Xena and Xanthe (Zee and Xanthe)
    Yasmin and Ysabel (Yaz and Bella)
    Zoey and Zadie (Zo and Zade)

    Wow... That was tougher than I thought!
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