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    AB and CD twin game

    So this game is really fun. You create the perfect twin. The first person starts with girl with an AB name then finds the perfect twin that has a CD name. The next person finds the perfect twin name for the girl with the CD name. For example:

    Person 1: Anna Belle and Claire Dorothy
    Person 2: Claire Dorothy and Ella Flora
    Person 3: Ella Flora and Gloria Hazle
    Annie Brooke

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    Girls: Magdalena Rose. Thea Simone. Winter Lua. Esther Rhea.
    Clementine. Verity. Amity. Beatrix. Elsbeth. Lisbeth. Caia. Aura. Selah.
    Boys: Leo Augustine. Shiloh Abbot. Theo Atticus. Sawyer Ansel.
    Inido. Luca. Riko. Wolf. Fox. River. Aurelio. Felix. Julian.

    Unisex: Arlo. Noa.

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    Other names we like - Xander┆Xzavier┆Chase┆Niklaus┆Elijah ┆ Caius┆Phoenix┆Seth┆ Alaric┆Rory┆Casey┆Jesse
    Chyler┆Gracelynn┆Nairobi┆ Piper┆Paige┆ Madicyne┆ Ellisse

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