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    Smile Sibling Set: Genevieve and Agatha --What do you think?

    I think they're beautiful, vintage, and sophisticated. Maybe a tad dated (: but I hear old names are scheduled to make a comeback. Most people like Genevieve but Agatha… not so much. I would use the nicknames 'Evie' and 'Hattie' if I ever have two girls. I know Hattie is unusual a a nickname for Agatha but it isn't unheard of. (And if Heidi can be a nickname for Adelaide, all bets are off. Lol).

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    Both Genevieve & Agatha are lovely names. I've always liked Genevieve, since it's the name of my favorite Aunt!
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    Genevieve seems so pretty and light next to Agatha which seems so clunky to me. Maybe Anneliese (Annie), Josephine (Josy), Amelie (Millie)?

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    I like Genevieve, but not Agatha. Just my opinion though. Use them both if you love them!

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    I'm not at all a fan of Agatha. I don't like the sound "ag" for a name. It's just not attractive to me. I also think that they don't go together very well. To me, Genevieve is a very pretty, romantic sounding name. Agatha is a dull thud.

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